Just Men – Proverbs 20 vs 7 The Just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.

The Just Men Conference 2012 was yet again an awesome life changing conference for the men that attended
Hosted by Salt & Sunshine Ministries and held at Blue Waters Hotel on the 04th August 2012.
Men from various religious, cultural and ethnic groups attended and were challenged to become more Reliable, Responsible & Accountable.
The Attendance was phenomenal with 140 men and various testimonies of the positive influence, impact,growth & Life improvement were noted at the Just Men Conference 2012.

The Key note Speaker Pastor Rajen Naidoo was yet again on fire as he challenged the Men to become the “Man of the House”

Manhood – Survival Kit – Your Guide to a family survival.

1) The Man of the House is to direct the way in his household.
2) The Man of the House is to be involved as a Teacher.
3) The Man of the House is to Provide for his family.
4) The Man of the House instilling Discipline on the children.
5) The Man of the House is to Minister to his wife.
6) The Man of the House is to Protect his wife and family.

Be a Man

Peace to you
Peace to your home
Peace to all that you have