Our Vision

We have a passion to empower women on all levels of the church and society, to encourage personal growth and development of women spiritually.

Women want to have a platform experience as well as add value to other women’s lives emphasizing on their God given passion and purpose. It is our desire to enable women to grow and develop future leaders. We were created by God to reflect His image, His glory, His beauty and His heart.

Be all you want to be! Grab opportunities to grow and make a difference in someone’s life. We ought to be the example of what a true women should look like both on the outside and the inside. We aspire to set high standards with the zeal to take other women on this wonderful journey….Womanhood!

Our Motives

Preparing God’s women for life and ministry.  How they can make a statement  in the world without even saying a word.  Assisting women release their God given potential.

What is potential in Jesus Christ?

“Potential is all you can be but have not become… All you can do but have not yet done…how far you can reach but have but have not reached…what you can accomplish but have not yet accomplished. Potential is unexposed ability and latent power.

What is women’s ministry and how did it even come into being?

Women’s ministry dates back to Biblical times where women, such as Sarah, Deborah, Ruth, Mary, and Martha, had an influence on the development of the early church.
A prominent scripture which Christians use as a Biblical precedent as to the purpose of women’s ministry is Titus 2:3-5.
Women’s ministry took root in that aspect of scripture and has grown to feed women spiritually all over the world

Leaders Thoughts

The overall impression women’s ministry spelt over the decades as been, floral arrangement, flowing ribbons for craft ideas, baking cakes and tea parties.
For some its a reminder of how it was in our grandmothers quilt circle.
For me it was those awesome women’s conferences and camps, where women taught and lead.

Today, I have the astounding privilege of leading women to the word of God and it’s teachings together and learning how to love Jesus with all their hearts.

News Flash..

” hand of hope” sees to the needs for community challenged women of today, women to women needs, women involved in substance abuse, relationship issues, senior women’s club, mentoring programs for younger women, day women, women at the work place, business women.  Women are tried and tested in all spheres of life, most often they not prepared and equipped to handle what lies ahead, we’ve graciously extended our not just our hands but our hearts.

Big event to look out for 2015 ” POWER”  – Women’s Conference

Notable leadership of SSM women’s ministry:

First Lady Rachael Naidoo

Partnered by and amazing team of women’s leader

MaryAnne, Martha and Claudette.

Our church is on, 37 Main Road, Malvern – Durban.

Contact us on info@saltandsunshine.co.za or call us on 0824321703 / 0824627358