Our Vision

To equip and support  God’s men to be faithful – faithful to the lord Jesus Christ, their wives, families, brothers and to their community.

Our Mission

We encourage and support men to take the next step in walking with Christ through, prayer, study, fellowship and reproducing his life(CHRIST)
in the life of others. We are committed to help all men from various social, religious, racial and ethnic groups working together to accomplish
what God has in store for us.

Our Values

We @ SSM mobilize men to pray and have fellowship with various ethnic groups. We have various other opportunities to come together to fellowship
(soccer, cricket, fishing trips and breakfast fellowship etc) . Our core source and strength rest in the authority of God’s word – from there we are
committed to prayer, building strong marriages, raising up the next generation, discipleship and personal involvement in the life of our church and

Our objective

To provide support and encouragement – we welcome all other Men Ministries to network with us.

Let us all be “MAD”
M – making
A – a
D – difference in our communities.

Our church is on, 37 Main Road, Malvern – Durban.

Contact us on info@saltandsunshine.co.za or call us on 0824321703 / 0824627358