Extending Your Influence

And He went up on the mountain and called to Him those He Himself wanted. And they came to Him. Then He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach, and to have power to heal sicknesses and to cast out demons. Mark 3:13-15...

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The Death of Deaths

This month as we reminiscence the death of our beloved Jesus and celebrate his resurrection, we are reminded of just how amazing this God is whom we serve that He would go to such lengths, even DEATH just so we can be reconciled to the Father. And even more than that,...

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Just Men

Just Men - Proverbs 20 vs 7 The Just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him. The Just Men Conference 2012 was yet again an awesome life changing conference for the men that attended Hosted by Salt & Sunshine Ministries and held at Blue...

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Building your Life through a Support Group

BE OPEN - Make room for God to do something new in your life. He's been waiting all your life for this moment to come. BE TRANSPARENT - You will find as you openly share your hopes, fears, successes and failures, God will use your life experiences to build faith and...

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