SALT & SUNSHINE MINISTRIES purpose for existence is to glorify God through joy in suffering, healing through prayer and breakthrough in praise and worship. Serving skillfully with discipline and humility leading our congregation and creating an environment of worship.

” Sing to Him a new song play skillfully and shout for joy “

Ps 33 : 3

Our Vision

To be a ministry of worshipers united in the goal of glorifying and making Gods name great in our community through sacrificial skillful and enduring worship. We are a local church with a global perspective.

Our Mission

To be committed “faceless” worshipers who prepare for a time of surpassing praise and devotion as we give in communion with God each week and bring His anointing beyond these walls to reach the world and prepare Gods people for life and ministry. Excellent worshipers needs to be steadfast, firm, fixed , consistent and immovable.

Our Focus

Engaging on worship that is true driven by love and celebration of our relationship with Him. The presence of God is evident and tangible through his healing and liberating presence as well as the following of the Holy Spirit lead in the time of worship. We anxiously wait upon Gods presence and are desperate to grow in Him. Our people exalt God with increasing joy while seeking to be made complete through the working of the Holy Spirit.

Our Team

Our Teams core values are unity, humility and understanding Gods view of who we are in Him, allowing Him to mould us and change us. Intimacy with God is what we seek, learning to cultivate the secret place in our lives and drawing strength from God. Integrity, relationships, a clean heart and skillful music is our foundation for worship excellence.


Our church is on, 37 Main Road, Malvern – Durban.

Contact us on or call us on 0824321703 / 0824627358