This month as we reminiscence the death of our beloved Jesus and celebrate his resurrection, we are reminded of just how amazing this God is whom we serve that He would go to such lengths, even DEATH just so we can be reconciled to the Father.

And even more than that, he has given us the gift of eternal life! When I think about that and what Jesus had to endure on Calvary, words fail to express just how grateful I am.

So, even as we continue to come before him as a Worship team leading our church to his throne, I pray that through our singing and playing that His people will worship him like never before because he is WORTHY.

And thats what worship is WORTHship – no other name is worthy than name of Jesus.

We Declare and Decree that we will become a *** Saved, Surrendered, Steadfast, Submissive Generation***

God Bless